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Hermitix is a podcast focusing on one-on-one interviews relating to fringe philosophy, obscure theory, weird lit, underappreciated thinkers and movements, and that which historically finds itself 'outside' the academic canon. The aim of the podcast is to allow autodidactic thinkers, amateur philosophers and the generally curious an insight into the work of thinkers who are often impenetrable to those outside of the academy. With the discussions at Hermitix aiming to be informal idea barrages which attempt to retain the excitement of 'the fringes' without falling into the structural 'niche' pitfalls of the academy. The range of speakers Hermitix intends to interview includes, but isn't limited to: PHd students, authors, philosophers, theorists and prominent bloggers.
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Latest Episodes…

  1. Anarcho-Capitalism with David D. Friedman

    David Director Friedman is an American economist, legal scholar, and anarcho-capitalist theorist. In this episode we discuss his book *The Machinery of Freedom*, alongside discussions on Libertarianism, anarcho-capitalism, cooperation, law and more... --- Become part of the Hermitix community: Hermitix Twitter - https://twitter.com/Hermitixpodcast Hermitix Discord - https://discord.gg/63yWMrG Support Hermitix: Hermitix ...


  2. McLuhanesque: The Unexplainable Episode with Bob Dobbs

    Bob Dobbs was Marshall McLuhan's archivist, and is a renegade McLuhan scholar. In this second episode on the work of Marshall McLuhan, I discuss further McLuhanesque ideas, alongside a long discussion on Dobb's work with iON. Cameron McEwen & Bob Dobbs Discuss Bob’s New Book: https://ionandbob.blogspot.com/2020/10/cameron-mcewen-bob-dobbs-on-mcluhans.html --- Become part of ...


  3. The Philosophy of Simone Weil with Eric O. Springsted

    Eric O. Springsted is the co-founder of the American Weil Society and served as its president for thirty-three years. He is the author and editor of many previous books, including Simone Weil: Late Philosophical Writings. In this episode we discuss his newest book Simone Weil for the Twenty-First Century.     Become ...


  4. Western Sufism with Mark Sedgwick

    Mark Sedgwick is a British historian specialising in the study of traditionalism, Islam, Sufi mysticism, and terrorism. In this episode we discuss his book *Western Sufism: From the Abbasids to the New Age*, alongside discussions on Neoplatonism, J.G. Bennett, George Gurdjieff and more... --- Become part of the Hermitix community: [Hermitix Twitter](https://twitter.com/Hermitixpodcast) [Hermitix ...


  5. The Philosophy of Food and Taste with Nicola Perullo

    Nicola Perullo is a professor of Aesthetics at the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Italy. In this episode we discuss his book *Taste as Experience: The Philosophy and Aesthetics of Food*, alongside discussions on John Dewey, the hierarchy of the senses, why the aesthetic of food and taste is overlooked ...