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Hermitix is a podcast focusing on one-on-one interviews relating to fringe philosophy, obscure theory, weird lit, underappreciated thinkers and movements, and that which historically finds itself 'outside' the academic canon. The aim of the podcast is to allow autodidactic thinkers, amateur philosophers and the generally curious an insight into the work of thinkers who are often impenetrable to those outside of the academy. With the discussions at Hermitix aiming to be informal idea barrages which attempt to retain the excitement of 'the fringes' without falling into the structural 'niche' pitfalls of the academy. The range of speakers Hermitix intends to interview includes, but isn't limited to: PHd students, authors, philosophers, theorists and prominent bloggers.
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Latest Episodes…

  1. The Critique of Pure Reason - Immanuel Kant - Project and Context

    The first of 8 lectures on The Critique of Pure Reason by Immanuel Kant. I aim for these lectures to be accessible, whilst retaining the complexities of Kant's thought. In this first lecture I tackle the overarching project of The Critique of Pure Reason, alongside discussing the philosophical context it ...


  2. Carl Menger's Principles of Economics - II

    This is the second Hermitix Monologue, on *The Principles of Economics* by Carl Menger. --- Become part of the Hermitix community: [Hermitix Twitter](https://twitter.com/Hermitixpodcast) [Hermitix Discord](https://discord.gg/63yWMrG) Support Hermitix: [Subscribe](hermitix.net/subscribe) [Hermitix Patreon](https://www.patreon.com/hermitix) [Hermitix Merchandise](http://teespring.com/stores/hermitix-2) [One off Donations at Ko-Fi](https://ko-fi.com/hermitix) [Hermitix Twitter](https://twitter.com/Hermitixpodcast) Bitcoin Donation Address: 3LAGEKBXEuE2pgc4oubExGTWtrKPuXDDLK Ethereum Donation Address: 0xfd2bbe86d6070004b9Cbf682aB2F25170046A996 ...


  3. The Philosophy of Hans Jonas with Lewis Coyne

    Lewis Coyne is an Honorary Research Fellow in philosophy at the University of Exeter, and the author of Hans Jonas: Life, Technology and the Horizons of Responsibility, in this episode we discuss the philosophy of Hans Jonas, alongside discussions on Heidegger, ethics, ecology, technology and more... --- Become part of the Hermitix ...


  4. The Work of Ernest Becker with Daniel Liechty

    Daniel Liechty is a longtime reader and interpreter of Ernest Becker’s writings. He is especially interested in the implications of Becker’s work in religion and spirituality and its applications in psychotherapy. His Becker-related books include Theology in Postliberal Perspective (1990), Transference and Transcendence (1995), Thinking about Faith ...


  5. Early Foucault with Stuart Elden

    Stuart Elden is Professor of Political Theory and Geography at University of Warwick. He is the author of multiple books on the work of Michel Foucault, alongside other texts on Georges Canguilhem, Kant and Heidegger. In this episode we discuss his soon to be published book *The Early Foucault* Early Foucault ...